Fans Spark “Better Treatment” For J-Hope Debate, Following BTS’s L.A. Concert

The reactions are mixed.

BTS put on the performance of a lifetime in Los Angeles, but did J-Hope get enough time to shine?


According to some fans, the answer is no. Following BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA shows, this fan-collected data began to circulate, prompting a heated debate. These stats indicate that J-Hope sang and danced (solo) for “a grand total of…5 minutes.” 

The image is credited to Twitter user @BTSdailyinfo, who was not involved in the data collection. They claim the stats were added to their fan-made setlist without permission.

In response to the image, fans began tweeting the hashtag #JhopeDeservesBetter to call attention to the alleged issue.

Not all ARMYs, however, are on board with #JhopeDeservesBetter. Some have pointed out how much fun J-Hope had during the shows. After nearly two years of online concerts, he was thrilled to perform in person again.

Moreover, some fans feel that trending the hashtag will hurt rather than help BTS, who worked hard to plan and prepare for the concert.

Big Hit Music has not responded to the situation.

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