BTS’s J-Hope And Jimin Pretend To Be Vloggers, And We Know Their YouTube Channels Would Be Legendary

We would definitely subscribe to their channels!

BTS‘s J-Hope and Jimin are talented musicians and dancers, but it turns out they would be great vloggers too!

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jimin (right) | @koutchh/Twitter

In the latest episode of BTS In the SOOP 2, Jimin and J-Hope were cooking in the kitchen at the same time. Jimin was making breakfast since he just woke up, and J-Hope was making croffles (croissant waffles) as a snack.

| BTS/Weverse

Jimin decided to have a fried egg and smoked duck for breakfast. As he prepared his food, he pretended that he was filming a cooking tutorial for his fictional show, Jimin’s Cooking Class.

Although he was pretending to be a cooking vlogger, he said people shouldn’t try to learn how to cook from him. Instead, they should watch his videos just to see what he ate.

J-Hope joined in on the fun by pretending he was a cooking vlogger, too! His vlogger alter ego was named Chef J-Hope.

While Jimin told his pretend subscribers about his breakfast, J-Hope walked his through his cheese croffle making.

Both of their meals looked delicious!

With cooking skills like these, we’re sure J-Hope and Jimin would make very successful cooking vloggers!