BTS’s J-Hope Spills On What Jin And Suga Think Of His Iconic Nail Art And Taste In Fashion

All the members are very different!

Like the rest of the BTS members, J-Hope has always been praised for breaking gender stereotypes with his fashion. Throughout the years, J-Hope has made a statement with his fashion and made it a priority to not follow the rules set by society.

BTS’s J-Hope | HYBE

In particular, over the years, he has wowed netizens with different nail designs that suit the concepts of his tracks. Whether it’s plain colors or cute designs that go with the song, the idol always showcases his true personality with the artwork.

Recently, the idol appeared in a video with fellow HYBE artist Zico where the two had five minutes together. During the video, they chatted about everything from J-Hope’s latest album and the group’s bust schedules.

In particular, Zico noticed that J-Hope’s nails were clean and that, unlike in the past, he didn’t have any designs on them. The idol joked, “The end of tuning is going back to basics,” as they looked at J-Hope’s flawless nails.

J-Hope then revealed that he usually gets them done when he is getting ready to release new music, and Zico then asked if it was done to suit a certain concept which the BTS idol confirmed.

Of course, with so many iconic designs over the years, Zico wanted to know which J-Hope liked the most. Unsurprisingly, he revealed that it was the artwork he had for his Becky G collaboration for the track “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

For the video, J-Hope had little cute designs on his nails… which, of course, included chickens.

BTS J-Hope’s nails for “Chicken Noodle Soup” | HYBE

Zico then asked about the members’ reactions to the nails. Although it wasn’t meant in a negative way, the soloist asked J-Hope, “Is there anyone you know who seems to really dislike making your nails fancy?”

Considering the close bond between the members, it isn’t surprising that J-Hope knew exactly someone that fitted the criteria… and it was none other than BTS’s Suga.

J-Hope explained that it wasn’t the fact that Suga “disliked” the designs. It was more that he had a curious reaction whenever he saw the different designs.

I think I know someone. It’s more like he just asks ‘What’s that?’ when he sees it. So, it’s our member… Someone named Suga.

— J-Hope

Even the oldest member, Jin, seemed to have the cutest reaction as he always seems in awe whenever he sees the designs. J-Hope revealed, “Jin is also sometimes like, “Oh?” [GORGEOUS]” and that even though they’re always together, they are always amazed by the designs.

When the video was released, netizens loved hearing J-Hope chatting about his members’ reactions. They also loved J-Hope chatting about Jin’s taste in fashion, and Zico couldn’t stop praising his fashion. J-Hope then explained that their closeness meant Jin was not afraid to comment on his fashion taste, which is very different.

J-Hope: Well, Jin hyung. I drink very often with Jin. He says, “who wears clothes like that?

Zico: Oh, really? Oh that’s possible because Jin has a very neat and simple style.

J-Hope: That’s right. He only says this because we’re so close.


J-Hope has always shined with his fashion choices and the fact that the other members always seem in awe as well. Maybe, it won’t be long before Suga and Jin join J-Hope with their nail art.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: ZICO