BTS J-Hope Just Crushed The #InMyFeelingsChallenge by Drake

J-Hope is now the official “bias wrecker” with his lit #InMyFeelings challenge.

The newest of all the hashtag-challenges on social media is the #InMyFeelings challenge and BTS‘s J-Hope is dominating it with his video.


The official BTS twitter posted a short clip of J-Hope “doing the shiggy” to Drake’s most viral track of “In My Feelings” — including the hashtags #InMyFeelingsChallenge and #HopeOnTheStreet. The video is now counting upward at 3.1 million views!

Both hashtags blew up the internet, with #InMyFeelingsChallenge trending harder than ever before. His name and nicknames, Jung Hoseok and Hobi, also trended.


In the short 30-second video, J-Hope is really getting his sexy on and ARMYs don’t know how to handle themselves!


ARMYs worldwide hope the other members would also challenge themselves to their own versions of this dance craze!

Will the other members respond to ARMYs’ challenge? Only time will tell, but fans are hopeful to see some more BTS-action on the street!