BTS’s J-Hope Responds To The Love Call He Received From MBC’s “I Live Alone”

Maybe we will see him on the show someday!

In a recent interview, BTS’s J-Hope mentioned that he wanted to try a variety show like MBC’s I Live Alone and received much attention.

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After hearing about this, the cast of I live Alone was quick to request a love call to J-Hope to let him know that they will be ready for him with open arms. Kian84 prepared a video message and a dance cover to “Boy With Luv” to show how big of a fan he was of him.

Recently, J-Hope held a live stream to celebrate his birthday with the fans. While streaming, a fan commented, “Kian84 from ‘I Live Alone’ is looking for you oppa”.

J-Hope, who knew about this, replied, “Yea I was really surprised! I had no idea that they would welcome me this much. I mentioned the show because it was a program that I really enjoyed watching and I am thankful that they mentioned me.”


It looks like Kian84 is adamant about having J-Hope on the show as he mentions J-Hope again in the latest broadcast of the show. He joked that maybe J-Hope hasn’t contacted them yet because he doesn’t know their contact information. Park Narae added, “Let’s put Kian84’s contact information in the subtitles!”

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For Kian84’s New Year wish, he hoped that J-Hope would make an appearance on the show.

On the other hand, J-Hope celebrated his birthday on February 18 and interacted with fans through a live stream.

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