BTS’s J-Hope Lands In LA And The First Thing He Does Is Go Visit A Statue

We’ve definitely seen this before… ⏪

BTS‘s J-Hope seems to be the first of the members to give ARMY a glimpse of what he’s doing before the group’s official schedule starts this Sunday at the 2021 American Music Awards.

Hobi (as the members and fans so fondly refer to J-Hope as) posed with a statue outside Maxfield, a store in West Hollywood, and judging by his outfit it looks like he might’ve gone soon after landing in Los Angeles!

| hobi/Weverse

He captioned his post “Long time no see!!!😝🥰

| hobi/Weverse
| hobi/Weverse

Quick as ever, ARMY noticed that the 27-year-old rapper’s photos looked a bit familiar…

| hobi/Weverse

and was happy to point out the fact that J-Hope seems to stop by this statue every year he’s in LA! (excluding 2020 because of COVID of course)

The statue seems to be a fixture at Maxfield in West Hollywood. Some fans were surprised to see J-Hope go shopping as soon as he landed in LA, but the jet lag probably has his sleep schedule a little out of whack at the moment.

| Weverse

Of course fans wanted to know what J-Hope was looking forward to doing the most when in LA.

um~~~~~shopping!? heh

of course it’s the concert I have to see our ARMY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

— J-Hope

So it’s no surprise that the fashionista hit up one of his favorite go to’s! Maxfield’s is a high end clothing retailer with some impressive interior design to match.

| @maxfieldla/Instagram

We can see why J-Hope would take a picture here every time he visits, it’s a prime photo spot!

| @maxfieldla/Instagram

Here he is in 2019 posing at the same spot. We appreciate his consistency!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

As BTS gets some rest before their packed LA schedule, ARMY’s preparing to finally see the boys live again at their Permission To Dance On Stage concert on November 27th! Who’s going?!