BTS J-Hope Mentors Talented Trainees In “Under 19”

They were shocked by their new teacher.

In the latest episode of the MBC survival show “Under 19”, a group of trainees were selected to perform “Fake Love” by BTS as their next challenge.

They set out to learn the choreography by themselves which is no easy task.

They were shocked when a certain someone interrupted their practice…

…J-Hope himself had arrived to teach the trainees the choreography to his own song!

Plus, he brought snacks!

The trainees were overjoyed to have such a successful idol teaching them. They were very complimentary:

“I saw him who I could only dream of, so I was so happy”
“It was something I couldn’t even imagine so when it was a reality, I was shocked”

J-Hope then reflected on what it took to perform Fake Love.

“Even for us, we practiced very hard”
“The live is very hard and the performance is a very hard dance”
“I’m really looking forward to this, this is very meaningful for us, it’s a song that allows us to be more loved globally”
“If you could perform it cooly, it would be so great”

Then it was time to get down to business.

Upon finding out that trainee Lee Sangmin would be doing his rap part, he shook his hand and told him he was becoming rather fond of him.

However, Sangmin saw J-Hope’s sterner side after lining up in the wrong position!

J-Hope began to pass on his years of experience to the nervous trainees to prepare them for their live performance.

In the end, the trainees put on an admirable performance of Fake Love in front of a live crowd. You can watch the fruit of their efforts here:


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