BTS’s J-Hope Opens Up About The Moment His Collaboration With J. Cole Almost Made Him Cry

J-Hope spills on the full circle moment.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently released his new single “On The Street,” a song that is both a “farewell for now” to ARMYs and an ode to his street-dance days.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

His unexpected single was announced shortly after BIGHIT MUSIC confirmed J-Hope was the next BTS member to apply to terminate his military enlistment postponement.

… J-Hope wrote the track to share his candid feelings toward his fans. The title “on the street” refers to J-Hope’s roots—street dance—from which his dream to become an artist began, and the path the artist and fans will continue to walk together.

We hope that J-Hope’s “on the street” serves as a meaningful gift to everyone who supports the artist. Please look forward to J-Hope’s new song!


To make the release even more special, J-Hope enlisted the help of iconic American rapper and producer J. Cole, a long-time inspiration and idol to the BTS member.

J. Cole (left) and BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

J-Hope has been vocal about his admiration for J. Cole, and J-Hope met the veteran artist for the first time before he became the first Asian artist to headline the mainstage of the famous music festival Lollapalooza.

That was in July 2022, and from there, the two connected and brought “On The Street” to life.

Fans have since analyzed the song’s music video that recently dropped, and many have agreed with and appreciated the theory from Twitter user @hobibaselined that J-Hope spent the majority of the video on the streets before joining J. Cole, who remained on the roof to signify J. Cole’s veteran status in hip hop and J-Hope’s hard work to achieve global stardom and meet his idol as a peer.

J-Hope recently hosted J-Hope’s “On The Street (with J. Cole)” Listening Party on Stationhead, where he opened up to fans about working with his idol and what moment made him the most emotional.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

J-Hope shared that he lost his passport ahead of flying to New York to film the music video, so he “almost didn’t make it,” but luckily, he did and was able to receive one of the greatest compliments from his idol.

One of the first things J. Cole said to J-Hope when they were on set together was that the song was “fire,” and the compliment warmed J-Hope’s heart.

What nearly brought the BTS member to tears about the collaboration was when he heard J. Cole’s verse in which he said J-Hope’s name. The full circle moment was especially emotional as J-Hope had referenced J. Cole in lyrics from BTS’s “Hip Hop Phile / Hip Hop Lover,” a song from their first album released in 2014. Nine years later, his idol also said his name, and this time on the same track.

J-Hope’s love and appreciation for J. Cole were evident throughout the music video. Check out more on that in the article below!

BTS J-Hope’s “On The Street” Music Video Has A Genius Reference To J. Cole’s Old Music


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