BTS’s J-Hope Reveals What He Saves His Members As In His Phone — But Jungkook’s Doesn’t Follow The Trend

Now, ARMYs want to know why!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently spilled on how he has saved his members’ names on his contacts list on his phone, and one person didn’t fit the trend.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

J-Hope is currently serving in the military, but he is always updating fans and showcasing his love and support for the rest of the members.

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| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Although J-Hope might be in the army, he seems to have done a lot of content for ARMYs. Recently, Esquire released a video of the idol where he looked at his past selfies and answered questions about them.

During the video, he looked at everything and anything, whether it was looking back on past music videos, his accessories, and moments in his life.



When an adorable photo of BTS came up on the screen, the question was about what J-Hope saved the members as in his phone contacts.

Starting with RM, J-Hope explained that he had quite simple names for the members on his phone. There was “Kim Namjoon” for RM, “Seokjin Hyung” for Jin, and the pattern went on as the idol added, “I don’t really put cute nicknames on it.”

Yet, while J-Hope described how he put his members’ names on his phone as “simple,” one member broke the trend, and it was none other than BTS’s youngest member, Jungkook.

After listing the names of most of his members as they’re written in his contacts, J-Hope explained, “Jungkook’s is interesting,” before revealing that rather than just Jungkook, the name is “Jeon Jungkook7.”

He then ended by saying that Jimin was just Jimin, explaining that it was still the same way he saved their names from when the members were all trainees.

Although it explained the reason for most of the members’ names on his phone, it’s not surprising that ARMYs want to know why Jungkook’s so different.

Source: Esquire