BTS’s J-Hope Turns A Simple Nature Hike Into A Philosophy Lesson, And It Shows Just How Wise He Is

He’s so wise!

BTS‘s J-Hope is just as wise as he is talented!

BTS’s J-Hope | BTS/Weverse

In the last episode of BTS In the SOOP 2, J-Hope went for a walk alone while the other members were asleep.

| BTS/Weverse

He got a few light stretches in as he walked farther away from the houses the members used during In the SOOP.

J-Hope loved the fresh mountain air, and he was already feeling refreshed just a few minutes into his walk.

Once he’d left the filming site of In the SOOP entirely behind, J-Hope stumbled upon a cornfield, and he was totally amazed by it!

He walked closer to the cornfield to take a closer look at the corn, and he was wowed by how tall the stalks were.

After he stopped to look at the corn, J-Hope continued his walk. He saw mugunghwa (hibiscus syriacus) flowers blooming, so he stopped to look at and smell the beautiful flowers.

After he looked at the flowers, J-Hope continued his walk. As he walked farther and farther away from the houses, he started to worry that he would get tired on the way back. Still, he kept on walking.

Although he was worried about his walk back, J-Hope turned the situation into a teachable moment. He decided he would take his time going back, and he said, “It’s important to take some time and look back on your journey to reflect on the path you’ve worked on.” 

He stressed the importance of looking back on where you came from as he continued walking. He said, “You look back on yourself through that and once again remind yourself of how you’ve gotten to where you are now.”

J-Hope’s wise words made his hike very memorable, and we’re all looking forward to hearing more of his wisdom in the future!