BTS J-Hope’s Older Sister Reveals She Will Become A Bride Next Fall


Group BTS member J-Hope’s older sister has revealed that she will be getting married sometime next fall.

| @mejiwoo103/Instagram

Previously on August 31, Jung Jiwoo answered questions sent in by fans and revealed that she would be getting hitched. “I think I will become a fall bride sometime next September or October.”

She continued, “I’ve never opened up about my personal life on here before, but I guess the day has finally come for me to announce news such as this.”

Taking a look at her other answers regarding marriage and boyfriend, she revealed that she has been busy planning her wedding since the beginning of this year.

| @mejiwoo103/Instagram

In regards to her fiancé, “Slowly, we have respected one another and have melted into each other’s lives. Thank you for loving and caring for me while we created a strong heart for one another.”

Fans are happy to see that she has met a good match and are excited to support the next chapter of her life.

| @mejiwoo103/Instagram

Although we met each other in a rather interesting place and might seem a bit unusual, I am quite happy these days as I can see the changes that are happening through each other’s good energy.

⁠— Jung Jiwoo

Jung Jiwoo also hinted that she would post a message later about her marriage. Congrats to Jiwoo!

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