BTS’s J-Hope Personally Reaches Out To ARMY And Shares New Military Photos

“Hey ARMY!!!”

BTS‘s J-Hope updated fans with pictures of himself while in the military.

J-Hope | Hankook Ilbo

On May 24, several photos of the all-world pop icon were uploaded to an online community. In the photos, J-Hope can be seen looking healthy and strong while looking handsome, wearing his military fatigues.

| theqoo
| theqoo

The idol also wrote to fans revealing that he had finished his training well thanks to their support.

Hey ARMY!!! I completed (training) well.

Thanks to the letters and support you’ve given me, I was able to train diligently!!!

I will finish the remainder of my military duties well and show you guys a good side! I love you!!!

Cellphones are weird… HAHAH.

— J-Hope

Meanwhile, Big Hit Music recently asked fans to refrain from sending letters and gifts to J-Hope while he was carrying out his duties. Check the link below to read more about it.

Big Hit Music Releases Letter To Fans Regarding BTS’s J-Hope

Source: theqoo
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