BTS’s J-Hope Praised By Netizens For The Inclusive Message Of His Latest Track “= (Equal Sign)”

The song touches upon wider world issues facing netizens!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently sent the internet into meltdown after the wait was finally over and his album Jack In The Box was released. For weeks, ARMYs have been looking forward to hearing the music from the BTS member and it truly didn’t disappoint.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

After the music video for “MORE” was shared prior to the album’s release, “ARSON” was the next track for ARMYs to watch and they rightly became obsessed AF with the song.

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Yet, aside from the title track, J-Hope released an album that really showcased a new side to the idol and sent out messages that resonated with ARMYs worldwide. Every track had a message that you could relate to, and netizens loved the diversity.

In particular, one song that has gained praise is his track “= (Equal Sign),” particularly because of the thought and message behind the song.

When introducing the track, J-Hope touched the hearts of ARMYs with his description of the track. During the Jack In The Box listening party, J-Hope shared that the track “= (Equal Sign)” was created to share the message that everyone is different.

He added that through the song, he wanted to emphasize that although everyone is different, it should be respected by others.

I wanted to say through this song that everyone should acknowledge their differences and be respected.

— J-Hope

Although the introduction was heartwarming enough, the lyrics from the track itself truly emphasized the message J-Hope wanted to portray through the lyrics.

From the very beginning of the track, J-Hope shares that everyone should be equal in society and that nobody is above or below another. Each of the words in the song has a meaning and no matter how long or short, they portray a message of equality.

Let’s roll,
With love,
With trust,
With respect,
Step by step.

— The lyrics from J-Hope’s song

In particular, the chorus quickly caught the attention of fans as J-Hope shone a light on how “hate” can impact people, enforcing a message of kindness no matter how different a person’s views or lifestyles might be from your own.

Hate’ll paralyze your mind
Gotta see the other side
It costs ya nothin’ to be kind
Not so different you and I
Lookin’ for love in a different light
Until we find that equal sign.

— J-Hope

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Even as the song comes to an end, J-Hope continues to promote this message of love and equality through his lyrics.

By ending the song with the words, “Equality is you and me,” and looking at the rest of the song, the idol is speaking about ending discrimination regardless of someone’s age, gender, sexuality, or ethnicity.

So I’m singing for love in this world. Come on. Let’s come together. Equality is you and me.

— J-Hope

When the song was released, ARMYs online couldn’t hide their praise and gratitude toward J-Hope for creating a song that aims to promote equality when many countries see disunity.

In particular, one ARMY pointed out that being so vocal about topics like this in Korea is always risky, especially as fans pointed out that some of the views regarding the topic are quite traditional.

For many, it is proof that BTS isn’t afraid to talk about serious issues regardless of the backlash they might face.

Even leader RM shared that it was this track that he loved the most, after sharing his support for J-Hope on Instagram.

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Yet, it isn’t the first time J-Hope has shared a message of equality. In particular, when it comes to love and acceptance in a society that still has traditional views when it comes to gender and sexuality.

When accepting the award for “Artist of the Year” at the 2018 Melon Music Awards, J-Hope said that he had learned about different types of love. Through his words, he showed how much the group had matured and learned from various life experiences.

As always, the members of BTS continue to find ways to make a difference in any way possible, particularly through their music. Since debuting, they have sent out a message of hope and love to fans worldwide and continue to ensure that everyone feels heard.

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