Here’s What BTS’s J-Hope Really Thought When Opening Jin’s “Unique” Birthday Gifts

“It turned out to be a toilet brush…”

Every ARMY knows that February 18 marks a special day in the BTS calendar because it’s J-Hope‘s birthday! The “Happy Virus” of BTS treated fans to a special live broadcast to celebrate his special day.

Alongside including cameos from maknae line, J-Hope chatted to fans and answered questions about how he was celebrating his special day.


In particular, one thing that J-Hope spoke about was none other than his fellow member Jin‘s recent behavior leading up to the special day.

For the past few days, Jin has been #friendshipgoals when it comes to J-Hope, whether it was sending him a message on Instagram three days before his birthday…

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Or the amazing and unique gifts that made J-Hope post this hilarious reaction after opening it.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

As expected, it didn’t end after that, and even during the live stream, J-Hope explained that Jin wrote the message on the wall, and apparently it was written the year before.

| BTS/ VLIVE     

When a fan asked him about how he felt about Jin’s presents, J-Hope was unsurprisingly very grateful to his hyung and couldn’t stop praising Jin for it.

Yes, he gave me an amazing present. A really amazing present. I was really moved.

— J-Hope


In particular, he spoke about the huge cake and strawberries *as expected from the Strawberry King* that were also part of the gift.

The birthday cake Jin got him from Billy Angel Cake Company, and the “Variety Pack” cake features a bunch of different flavors and retails for around $57 USD.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram
| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Alongside that and the iconic golden toilet brush, it wasn’t surprising that J-Hope was shocked when he received the presents.

A really huge strawberry and cake, I was so surprised. I didn’t know what it was. At first, I thought it was a plant, but it turned out to be a toilet brush.

— J-Hope


There is no denying that the toilet brush was an amazing idea from Jin…

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

The collector’s piece comes from Alessi and is expensive, costing upwards of a few hundred dollars depending on where it’s bought.

| Alessi

As expected, the combined duo of 2seok has once again proved why they are so iconic. Jin knew exactly what J-Hope would like and cemented his status as a true big brother combining it with his hilarious humor and personality.

You can read all about the iconic presents J-Hope received from Jin below.

BTS’s Jin Just Gave J-Hope The Most Bizarre Birthday Present

Source: VLIVE


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