BTS’s J-Hope Revealed To Have An Interesting Fate With Seungri’s Little Sister

They’re all connected!

If you’ve been a fan of K-pop for sometime, you’ll know that it’s a running joke (and half-truth!) that all celebrities from Gwangju know each other.

For example, actor Son Ho Jun and TVXQs U-Know Yunho met 16 years ago in Gwangju and have been best friends since then.


That joke was certainly proved real again, as the two Gwangju boys Seungri and J-Hope were revealed to be connected by an interesting fate!


Seungri guested again recently on I Live Alone along with his non-celebrity sister Lee Hanna. While hanging out, he asked her about her connection with BTS.


She revealed that she went to the same music academy as J-Hope..which was also the music academy that Seungri used to run in Gwangju!


Seungri was very surprised when he heard that the famous J-Hope from BTS was once one of his students.


J-Hope has been very vocal about being from that particular music academy and for his great admiration for Seungri and BIGBANG.


Hanna revealed that her J-Hope were so close that he invited her to a BTS concert, and she was shocked by how amazing the concert was.


Seungri replied back with “When BIGBANG has a concert we do stuff like that too! and vowed to show her.

“When BIGBANG has a comeback, I’ll fly you to Seoul in a helicopter!” 

— Seungri


Check out the full clip here!

Source: Seoul Economy