BTS’s J-Hope Becomes Adorably Shy When Trying To Decide How To Address IU

Their new friendship is so pure!

When it comes to some of the most iconic K-Pop idols ever, two artists that are always at the top of lists have to be BTS and IU. Over their careers, they have both made their mark on the K-Pop industry since debuting.

Recently, the two collided when BTS’s J-Hope joined IU on her show IU’s Palette.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram
BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

During the video, the two discussed J-Hope’s new album, why IU wasn’t invited to his listening party, and even sang together.


From the very beginning, J-Hope showcased why, despite his confidence, he is a true introvert. IU pointed out that being around him, she didn’t feel any shyness.

The BTS idol explained that he gets nervous around people he doesn’t know well.

I definitely feel more nervous before meeting a new person. I’m pretty good after actually meeting them.

— J-Hope

Although J-Hope seemed less shy around IU, it seems as if he had been concerned about their meeting because of their ages. IU pointed out that she was born in 1993, which made her a year older than J-Hope, who was born in 1994.

Well, it seems like J-Hope had worries about that as well. The idol explained that he wasn’t sure which term to use when addressing IU, noona (which is a way for a male to address an older female) or sunbaenim (which is a term for senior).

So I was concerned about how to address you… It’s our first meeting and IU sunbaenim? IU noona?

— J-Hope

J-Hope even joked that he was so confused that, when he was doing the pre-interview for his appearance, he combined some of the names. Luckily, IU saw the funny side to it as she watched him.

J-Hope: Even during the pre-interview I called you “elder noona.”

IU: J-Hope kept saying elder nuna IU and it was so funny.

In the end, IU explained that J-Hope could call her anything that he was comfortable with, and the BTS member decided on “IU noona.” For many, it is a much less formal way of addressing someone and is normally between people who are comfortable around each other.

When the video was released, netizens loved the friendship between IU and J-Hope, seeing how the two introverts started to feel less shy and nervous around each other.

Throughout the episode, there were interactions between IU and J-Hope that nobody ever knew they needed until now. Hopefully, it isn’t the last time netizens get to see IU x BTS interactions because they’re truly pure.

You can read more from the video below.

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