BTS’s J-Hope Proves He Is Jimin’s Biggest Fan

We all need a supportive bestie like him!

BTS‘s Jimin is preparing to release his debut solo album FACE on March 24.


Until it is released, Jimin is releasing teasers, concept photos, etc. Yesterday, we got one concept photo for “FACE.”


Now, Jimin has released a concept photo for the “Hardware” version, and it’s sexy AF.


ARMYs aren’t the only ones shook by Jimin’s straight-up serve, though.

Fellow member, J-Hope, commented on the official BTS post on Weverse literally the second it was posted, proving no one is a bigger Jimin fan than him. Like us, he was at a loss for words and just said, “wow.” 

| Weverse

Same, J-Hope, same.

J-Hope and Jimin’s friendship goes way back! Through everything, living together and supporting each other’s solo releases, they’ve always been there for one another.


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♬ sonido original – maya (taylor’s version)

We all need a supportive friendship like theirs!

J-Hope later commented on an Instagram post of some additional concept photos.


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