BTS J-Hope’s Tip For Skipping Late Night Snacks Is Actively Breaking ARMYs’ Hearts, And Here’s Why

His answer also raised issues within the K-Pop industry!

With the creation of platforms like Weverse, Bubble, Universe, and more, K-Pop fans have been able to interact with idols in a way that almost seemed impossible before. In particular, Weverse has allowed ARMYs to interact with BTS by sending them messages and images of support.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

However, for many, it is also a place where ARMYs can ask for advice, and this was recently the case with member J-Hope. As the days get shorter and it gets colder in many places, many people enjoy having late-night snacks to get them through it or give them energy if they are working or studying.

One ARMY, in particular, seemed to want some advice from J-Hope, and she asked, “J-Hope, how do you say no to late night snacks?

| BTS/ Weverse

As expected, like the other members, after J-Hope saw the question, he replied to the ARMY with his own tips and how he found ways to stop himself from eating snacks late at night.

In his reply, he explained, “I can skip it if I think to myself, ’If you eat this, you’re going to get uglier. Then your pictures will look bad. Then the fans will hate it, which means you can’t be an idol anymore because idols are loved by everyone.’

| BTS/ Weverse

After the post was shared, many ARMYs took to social media sharing their sadness at seeing the answer. With his response, it seemed as if J-Hope felt that if he overate, he might get negative feedback from fans who might criticize the way he looked.

Yet, alongside the sadness ARMYs had about the answer and worrying about J-Hope’s self-confidence, it raised some ARMYs concerns about the wider issues within K-Pop about body image and dieting. In the industry, it seems the norm to extreme diet to stay in shape or to fit “Korean beauty standards,” which includes being slim.

In later posts, J-Hope encouraged ARMYs to eat when asked about food, yet it still didn’t stop them worrying about his own eating habits. Many would rather idols be healthy and eat what they want rather than worrying about what fans might say.

Yet, it is sad to think that J-Hope thinks that any changes to his appearance might upset fans, which is far from the truth.

BTS’s J-Hope | @bts_twt/ Twitter
| @bts_twt/ Twitter

Many K-Pop fans would prefer for idols to be healthy, and, with his talent, visuals, and charisma, J-Hope doesn’t have to worry about ARMYs hating him as they love everything about him.