BTS’s J-Hope Proves What A True Pro He Is At The 2022 GRAMMYs After Nearly Falling Mid-Performance

He’s truly “smooth like butter!”

Not that there was any question about it, but BTS‘s J-Hope once again proved just what a skilled dancer and professional he is!

BTS’s J-Hope | Esquire

You might not have even been able to notice this. Still, something happened during BTS’s performance of “Butter” at The 2022 GRAMMY Awards (also known as The 64th GRAMMY Awards or GRAMMYs), but that just is a testament to how amazing J-Hope is…

In one instance, the group was making their way down a platform when J-Hope nearly took a fall!

He not only caught himself, but he incorporated it into the choreography, making his way up the stairs. J-Hope didn’t look fazed at all but instead looked cooler than ever! He was so smooth with it (just like butter) that many of us couldn’t even notice what had happened.

Variety was so impressed with J-Hope and how he handled the situation. He seriously never fails to amaze us with his abilities!

ARMYs agreed that J-Hope truly made it look like part of the choreography. That’s just how good he is.

Not to mention J-Hope recently recovered from COVID-19! He’s unstoppable.

J-Hope really proved tonight why he’s one of BTS’s main dancers!

He owned the stage.

J-Hope may have recovered from a near tumble, but we haven’t recovered from this killer performance!

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