BTS’s J-Hope Gave TXT The Most Touching Advice For Their Upcoming Promotions

It came from his own experience.

During the showcase for the release of their new album, “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”, TXT revealed how their BigHit family were 100% supportive of their upcoming promotions.

Bang Si Hyuk wasn’t the only one to shower love and support for the youngest BigHit babies, Soobin revealed that all of the BTS members cheered them on. Amongst the members, J-Hope‘s advice specifically stuck to them.

[BTS] always cheers us on and looks after us.

Out of the [many supportive messages], J-Hope’s advice stuck with us. He advised us to not feel defeated by any situation and make sure to show everyone our all.

— Soobin

Perhaps it came from J-Hope’s own experience. Back when BTS first debuted, the boys had to fight against tremendous odds that claimed they wouldn’t make it in the cut-throat industry.

But J-Hope doesn’t want his younger brothers to feel defeated by the negativity they may face, but persevere like they did to make each and every moment count!

The love between these BigHit brothers are undeniable!

TXT’s new album and title track, “Can You See Me?” dropped 6pm KST!

Source: eDaily and MBN Star