BTS’s J-Hope Shocked ARMYs By Flirting With An Alien Girl In “My Universe,” But The Reality Couldn’t Be More Different

ARMY might owe J-Hope an apology!

Back in 2021, BTS wowed netizens when it was announced that the group was going to be collaborating with British artists Coldplay on a track called “My Universe.” The bond between the two groups was undeniable from the minute it was announced.

Members of BTS and Coldplay | @bts_twt/Twitter

Of course, when the video was released, it perfectly fitted the theme of the track, and ARMYs got to see BTS in a way that they hadn’t before, as super badass space fighters.

| Coldplay/YouTube
| Coldplay/YouTube   

In particular, one scene that caught the attention of ARMYs was when J-Hope was dancing with an alien girl during the music video.

| Coldplay/YouTube

Of course, fans had the funniest reaction to seeing J-Hope supposedly flirt with his alien girlfriend, and they weren’t afraid to share it on social media.

It seems like ARMY owes J-Hope and the alien girl an apology because the reality of the scene during filming was completely different from what was seen in the music video.

BTS recently released some behind-the-scenes footage from when the group was filming the music video for their collaboration track with Coldplay called “My Universe.”

In particular, they showcased the part where J-Hope was practicing for his scene with the alien girl. Yet, rather than anything that resembled the person seen in the video, J-Hope was actually just dancing with a prop covered by green fabric, which was later going to be edited.

Being the professional that he is, J-Hope flawlessly showcased his dancing and acting skills as he ignored the fact that he was interacting with an inanimate object.

If it was surprising for ARMY to realize that the alien girl wasn’t actually there while filming, BTS didn’t expect it either. Although they knew that it would be edited through CGI, it seems like they thought it was going to be something a lot more different.

In the closing moments of the video, the members were joking around and talking about the CGI parts.

When the video was released, ARMYs joked that they should probably apologize to J-Hope for accusing him of cheating and that the alien they were jealous of wasn’t even an alien to begin with.

It would’ve been hilarious to see how the BTS members reacted to “My Universe,”, particularly the moment where they got to see the alien brought to life!