BTS’s J-Hope Watched Over Fans Like An Angel, And They Had No Idea

He saw fans, but they didn’t see him.

Eagle-eyed fans are quick to spot BTS‘s J-Hope wherever he is, but with the right cloud cover, this brightly shining “sun” can go incognito!

On April 28, BTS released the teaser trailer for their upcoming docuseriesBreak The Silence picks up where Bring The Soul: The Movie left off, following BTS’s 351-day journey from their LOVE YOURSELF  tour to their SPEAK YOURSELF tour.

In one scene, J-Hope watches people, who appear to be fans, entering a stadium.

At the time, no one noticed this angel waiting in the wings, and this realization has ARMYs reeling!

Now, some fans are feeling a bit emotional…

…for various reasons.

According to these ARMYs, this isn’t the first time J-Hope watched fans enter BTS’s venues. They say he also watched ARMY at the Kyocera Dome Osaka in Japan, and at a venue in Singapore.

Were you in J-Hope’s presence without knowing it? Try squinting at the trailer to find out!