BTS’s J-Hope Reveals Whether They’re Working On New Music

They might have something already up their sleeves.

Since BTS‘s album BE dropped at the end of last year, there might be another project that the group is already working on. When asked about it ahead of the GRAMMYs, J-Hope gave everyone the answer.

During their latest appearance on the Zach Sang Show, Zach Sang wanted to know if new music was already on the way.

He asked, “With touring and performances obviously not happening, are you putting energy into making music? Obviously ‘BE’ has been out for a few months now, but are we creating every day?

Despite the pandemic weighing heavily on everyone, J-Hope shared that it’s not keeping them from doing what comes naturally. He responded, “This is what drives us. As we say in ‘Life Goes On’, time passes, and life indeed goes on, and doing what we do is like breathing for us.

BTS are using their time wisely to improve. J-Hope continued, “So we are making an effort to prepare and continue to make good music and performances.

Nothing can stop the members from growing as artists and keeping their skills sharp. Instead, they’re using the new experiences to make music.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Check out J-Hope answering the question that many ARMYs are curious about and looking forward to.