J-Hope’s Real Estate Savvy Has Earned Him 1 Billion In Profits

He’s rolling in gold, thanks to this investment.

J-Hope must have saved a country in a past life. In addition to being talented, handsome, and charming, he’s also very skilled at making money!


Out of all of BTS‘s members, J-Hope is the highest roller. His 2019 net worth (reported in May) is estimated to sit at an impressive 12 million. Much of his earnings come from BTS’s music and world tours, and his solo mixtape, Hope World. 


J-Hope has also invested in real estate. In 2016, he purchased a high-end apartment in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.


According to Mnet’s ranking chart show, TMI NEWS, the value of J-Hope’s apartment has increased from 1.4 billion won to 2.4 billion won in only 2 years!


Jungkook bought an apartment in the same complex as J-Hope’s for 1.9 billion won, but the interest rate hasn’t changed. Jin, on the other hand, reportedly suffered a loss of up to 30 million won when he sold his 1.9 billion won apartment for 1.87 billion won.


In short, if you need financial advice, ask J-Hope!

Source: Newsen