BTS’s Jin, V, And J-Hope Handle On-Stage Mistakes In Very Different Ways

They shared their opposite approaches on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Even professional entertainers like BTS‘s JinV, and J-Hope can make mistakes on stage, but that’s fine. They know how to handle it!


On January 29, BTS guested on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where they gave their debut performance of “Black Swan” and played hide and seek. (Spoiler alert: stealth master Jungkook won!)


The members also sat down for an interview with James Corden to talk about their upcoming tour, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 album, and more.


When James Corden asked, “What do you do when you forget a dance move? How do you cover it up?” Jin immediately groveled.


“Sorry, sorry! One more time, please. Sorry! Please!” he begged in English. Jin’s method is 100% effective (How can anyone not forgive him after that?).


V, on the other hand, doesn’t need to apologize because he doesn’t make mistakes. “It’s not in my vocabulary,” he said. “I’m perfect.” No arguments here!


“J-Hope,” James Corden said. “you’re the quickest to learn the dance routines. What do you do, if you mess up?”


J-Hope thought about it for a hot minute then simply said, “I don’t care.” Mistakes can’t shake this dance king!


Watch the interview here: