BTS’s Japanese Music Show Appearance Postponed Because Of Jimin’s Shirt Over A Year Ago

The TV show agency made a formal announcement.

BTS were originally scheduled to appear on the Japanese music show, Music Station. However, they had abruptly cancelled their flights to Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Just an hour after the guards had set up barriers, they took them down as BTS cancelled their trip. A press member announced that BTS cancelled their trip for unknown reasons.

“BTS were planning to depart [to Tokyo] but cancelled their trip. We don’t know the reason why.”

— Press Member


Soon after, BigHit Entertainment apologized to the fans while announcing that their plans to appear on AsahiTV‘s Music Station on the 9th had changed.

“BTS were scheduled to appear on AsahiTV’s music program Music Station on the 9th, but plans have been changed.

We apologize for having to share this unfortunate new with all of the fans who’ve been looking forward to their appearance. BTS will do their best to meet their fans again through good music and performances.”

— BigHit Entertainment


Music Station also uploaded a formal announcement explaining why BTS’s appearance for this week was cancelled.

We will continue discussing with their agency about their intensions of wearing the shirt.

We’ve regretfully decided to postpone their appearance.”

— AsahiTV


The shirt controversy refers back to Jimin’s shirt that he wore about a year ago. The shirt featured images from the Hiroshima bombing and the phrase “PATRIOTISM OURHISTORY LIBERATION KOREA”.


The shirt’s designer, OURHISTORY, had announced that they created the shirt to celebrate Korea’s liberation from Japanese’s colonial era.

“National Liberation Day is the day we restored our country and the bright light after the long and dark Japanese colonial era. I’ve expressed our country’s liberation on the t-shirt.”



The shirt had recently brought to light again as the political tensions between Japan and Korea rose higher following a verdict deemed by the Korean Supreme Court, which ruled that four South Korean workers who were forced to work during World War Two must be properly compensated by Japan’s Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.


Although BTS’s Music Station appearance has been indefinitely postponed, they will still hold their Japanese dome tour. They will begin their tour on the 13th, starting with Tokyo and continuing onto Kyocera, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

Source: Hankook Ilbo, Nate Pann and Newsen