BTS Features In A New “Jeopardy!” Question Any ARMY Could Win In A Heartbeat

If this doesn’t prove BTS is taking over, what will?

BTS has a habit of surprising ARMYs in places they least expect. This time, they were featured on a new episode of game show Jeopardy!

If you’ve never heard of Jeopardy!, it’s a popular American quiz-based game show where contestants must answer general knowledge clues in the form of a question. Across its 8,000-episode history, numerous pop culture icons have become part of the question bank—including BTS.

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In a recent episode, Jeopardy!-loving ARMYs spotted a question every fan could win in a heartbeat: “This world-conquering musical act’s name is short for Korean words that mean ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts‘.”

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While two of the contestants, Morgan and Garron, didn’t seem to know the answer, player Matt got it right in a heartbeat: “Who is BTS?” Perhaps Matt is an ARMY himself! In any case, his answer won him a cool $400 USD to add to his total.

In the end, Morgan won the grand prize, but Matt won a pretty good consolation prize: ARMYs’ hearts. Across social media, fans cheered him on for his quick answer. On top of that, fans loved how the Jeopardy! team accurately described BTS as “world-conquering” in light of their multiple global achievements over the past few years.

That said, while BTS is bigger than ever in the United States this year, this isn’t the first time they’ve been featured in a Jeopardy! question. In November 2019, a $2,000 USD clue read, “This K-Pop group made its official U.S. TV debut at the 2017 American Music Awards performing its hit ‘DNA’.”

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On top of that, another BTS-related question appeared last month: “This group’s album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ is the first by a K-Pop act to top the Billboard 200 albums chart.”

Either there’s a fellow ARMY on the Jeopardy! team, or this is a true testament to how BTS has become a household name across the world.


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