BTS’s J-Hope Drops Details About His 2nd Mixtape Since “Hope World”

J-Hope finally dropped an update!

It’s been a little under a year since BTS‘s J-Hope dropped his first mixtape, “Hope World”.


With its first anniversary coming just around the corner, fans were desperate to know when his 2nd mixtape would be released. J-Hope responded: “as quick as possible“!

“Hope World 2? Well, if I develop some good works, I’ll try to release it for you guys as quick as possible.”

— J-Hope


He opened up about how he felt the need to rest after releasing his first mixtape. He’s worked on a couple of things in between, but he ultimately needed to take a moment to breathe.

“Honestly, I’ve been resting a lot since ‘Hope World’ came out. I was working on something since then, but I’ve kind of let that go for now. I felt like I needed to rest.”

— J-Hope


It wasn’t like he let things go because he simply wanted to rest. He was hella busy with BTS’s promotions for the world tour, album, and more!

“I rested well since the mixtape came out last year. We went on the tour, our album came out, I ate good food while traveling the world and shared positive energy with the fans.

I rested well.”

— J-Hope


But he promises fans that this year, he’ll do a lot of studying and experimenting so that he can release something soon!

“One of my goals for this years is – I can’t say for certain – but I hope I can produce something that I can release. No matter if it’s only one song or two songs. This year is dedicated to studying and experimenting.”

— J-Hope


He hopes his next project will be the result of peace and comfort on his own terms. ARMYs will have to keep in mind: good things to those who wait!

“When I release my next project, I want to do it comfortably. ‘Hope World’ gave me a lot of strength.”

— J-Hope


J-Hope begins talking about a possible “Hope World 2” starting at 19:58 mark on his live broadcast: