BTS ARMY Call Out The “37th Golden Disc Awards” For “Scamming” Them

Fans are also calling out HYBE.

The 37th Golden Disc Awards (commonly referred to as GDA) are being held on January 7, 2023, at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

On December 14th, the event organizers announced the second lineup of artists, which included BTS‘s J-Hope. ARMY understandably assumed this meant J-Hope was going to perform at the event and many bought tickets to attend.

However, as we previously reported, fans started to doubt that J-Hope would actually be performing since the idol didn’t share the news to his Instagram story, unlike what he did for his other performances.

J-Hope posting about his solo performance at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve | @uarmyhope/Instagram
J-Hope posting about his solo performance at the MAMA Awards | @uarmyhope/Instagram

It seemed confirmed that J-Hope wasn’t performing after a JTBC report was released two days later. Although the report did state that J-Hope would be meeting fans at the event.

The JTBC article discussing the Golden Disk Awards |

BTS’s J-Hope, who is nominated for the Album of the Year category as an individual and as a group, will also be attending the Golden Disc Awards. J-Hope won’t be performing, but he will go to Thailand to meet fans. We look forward to seeing him ready to meet his fans with the anticipation of winning the award.

—JTBC News

Still, many fans continued to hope that, given the Golden Disc Awards‘ advertising of J-Hope as part of the “artist line-up,” he would still perform.

However, the Golden Disc Awards have remained silent about J-Hope’s appearance, and neither HYBE nor J-Hope have confirmed anything about even his presence at the awards show.

As the event is now only a day away, fans feel concerned about J-Hope’s busy schedule if he will be present at the event.

Fans are still demanding answers about whether or not J-Hope will be performing since it seems like they were misled into buying tickets.

And since it seems all but confirmed that J-Hope isn’t performing, fans are questioning why he has to attend the awards show at all.

Some fans are also expressing their frustration with HYBE for allowing the Golden Disc Awards to “scam” fans by using J-Hope’s name deceptively.

As of now, there are no comments from the 37th Golden Disc Awards or HYBE.

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