ARMYs Show Their Power By Taking Over 9 Out Of 10 Worldwide Top Trending Hashtags For J-Hope’s Birthday

Everyone needs some Hope in their lives!

As most ARMYs know, February 18 is the lovely and cheerful J-Hope‘s birthday!

Fans of BTS and their beloved Hoseok took to social media today to show their love and appreciation for the artist, and showed just how powerful their fanbase is – by taking over 9 of the 10 top trending hashtags worldwide.

Some of the top trending hashtags include #HappyBirthdayJHope, #Hobi, #OurRemedyJHope, #HopeAlwaysThere, HappyJHopeDay, JHopeOurSunshine, and many more!

Everyone is sending their most heartfelt wishes to J-Hope on his birthday, and can’t wait to see what he and the rest of BTS have planned for their comeback!