BTS’s J-Hope Was Considered To Host A Culinary Competition, But Not Anymore

There were clear reasons why he wasn’t considered anymore.

BTS member J-Hope, currently serving in the army, was brought up as the potential host for a culinary competition, but the plan has been canceled.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

On November 7, Yonhaps News reported based on information confirmed by the Ministry of National Defense.

According to the report, Minister of National Defense Shin Won Sik revealed at a parliamentary special budget committee meeting that J-Hope had been mentioned as the host for the International Military Culinary Competition. The military authorities had considered the possibility of J-Hope being the host for this competition and had been coordinating with his agency. However, Minister Shin Won Sik ordered a hold, and the plan was eventually scrapped.

Minister of National Defense Shin Won Sik | News1

Regarding this, Minister Shin Won Sik emphasized the reason why they decided to cancel

Originally, a suggestion was made for one announcer and BTS’s J-Hope to host the event. In my view, the fact that BTS, like other soldiers, is diligently fulfilling military duty is a better and natural look for the citizens.

— Minister Shin Won Sik


He added that there will be changes for celebrities who serve in the military in the future.

From now on, I instructed not to assign any tasks other than their assigned duties to celebrities who join the army.

— Minister Shin Won Sik

| Yonhap

In response, Representative Lee Yong Ho agreed with Minister Shin Won Sik’s statements.

It’s a good decision. [J-Hope] went to the army according to the principle that young people in South Korea must fulfill military service without exception. In that sense, it is inappropriate to use celebrities when they decide to serve in the military.

— Representative Lee Yong Ho


J-Hope enlisted in the 36th Division in Wonju, Gangwon Province, in April and received basic military training. He was then selected as an instructor for the 36th Division’s new recruit education and currently serves in the military.

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