BTS’s J-Hope Was Cropped Out Of Photos By E! News And ARMY Are Demanding An Apology

This isn’t the first time it happened.

E! News has been receiving backlash after sending out a tweet late last night that included photos with BTS‘s J-Hope cropped out.

The original tweet has already been deleted, but further investigation by ARMY revealed that this was not a one time occurrence, but rather a repeated offense dating back to 2018.

A couple hours ago, E! News did indeed issue an apology, but chose to put their apology statement as a reply to a tweet. ARMY were dissatisfied with their conduct and lack of professionalism, and reiterated that an official apology needs to be given.

BTS, and any other group for that matter, don’t deserve the lack of respect and attention shown in this case, and ARMY are waiting to see if E! News will readdress their apology.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter