BTS J-Hope Features On Drake’s “In My Feelings” Music Video

J-Hope’s viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge video caught Drake’s eyes!

Critically acclaimed rapper Drake dropped a brand new music video for his hit “In My Feelings” – the same song that started the #InMyFeelingsChallenge trend worldwide!


You may also remember that BTS‘s J-Hope took part in the viral trend by dancing his own rendition and uploading it to Twitter.


Well, his outstanding cover has caught the eye of Drake and his producers as J-Hope was featured on the “In My Feelings” music video!


At the end of the video, J-Hope makes a surprise guest appearance as his #InMyFeelingsChallenge video pops up on screen with some of the most well-known challenge videos!


J-Hope’s piece was chosen alongside some of the hottest stars, such as Will Smith, Steve Aoki, DJ Khaled, Ciara and more!


Congratulations on the surprise feature, J-Hope!