A True Story of (J)Hope As Told Through A Heartfelt Profile Rewrite By RM

The leader shares why Hobi is both our sunshine and our hope.

With the 7th anniversary of their debut date just days away, BTS got the party started early with rewrites of their profiles, in particular of each other’s profiles as written by another member. Here we get the self-proclaimed “god of destruction” RM rewriting his same-age friend and the group’s hope, J-Hope.

As the group’s leader (and a holder of a 148 IQ), RM showed how well he knows J-Hope. In particular, he emphasized just how much J-Hope lives out his stage name, and even poked a little fun at his age even though the two are born only seven months apart.

RM’s cutesy way of saying that he is J-Hope’s “fwend” shows their close and also humorous relationship (translator note: RM’s changed the word’s spelling from 친구 “chingu” to 친규 “chingyu,” which denotes an “aegyo” feel).

RM made sure fans remembered how much J-Hope loves his figurines, which he wrote were the “most important house item,” with BE@RBRICK (also known as Bearbrick) figurines being the particular type J-Hope likes most.

The leader continued his vast knowledge of his same-age friend, knowing what J-Hope is afraid of (ghosts and other kinds of monsters), funny habits he does that he’s unaware of (scratching his head), and the thing that makes him go “UGH” the most (RM’s propensity for destroying things, among others).

The questions and answers provided by RM in J-Hope’s profile rewrite show how well he knows his members, but more importantly, it shows the love he has for them, with J-Hope being no exception to that affection.

These ’94 liners have become more than great friends in a relationship full of both fun and care for the other (and maybe a little patience too).

ARMY endlessly loves J-Hope as does RM and the rest of his members, and we hope for nothing less than a hope-filled future for them all.

Source: BTS Official Facebook