BTS’s J-Hope Is Finally Getting The Hang Of Instagram After Sharing His Experiences With V In Hawaii

“He figured it out…!”

No matter who you are, it is always a struggle when you do something new, and creating a social media account is no different.  The BTS members recently caused a lot of excitement online after opening their own individual accounts to share updates with ARMYs, especially during their extended vacation.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter 

Yet, despite their fame and popularity, the members struggled when they first opened their accounts. In particular, J-Hope has shared his struggles with fans about using the different features, including the option to repost other people’s stories.

On December 11, J-Hope shared his struggles after trying to repost his GQ cover on his own story and explained how some issues meant that it took him much longer than expected.

Seriously, I was looking up how to regram for the past hour but I finally figured it out. My eyes hurt…

— J-Hope

| Weverse

However, it seems as if J-Hope might finally be getting to grips with it all! On December 13, V posted a story from his trip to Hawaii where he spent some time relaxing with his family but also J-Hope!

In the image, it showed V and J-Hope having some fun in the water, and the caption read, “This was fun, remember? We were dead serious about it, too. Right? Riiight?

| @thv/ Instagram

J-Hope then reposted the picture, adding his own comment, “I never thought that getting slapped by the rain could hurt that much.

However, the first time it was shared, ARMYs noticed something adorable. It was the fact that instead of reposting it, J-Hope screenshotted V’s initial story and then added it to his own.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

When it happened, ARMYs thought it was sweet that J-Hope was still trying to get the hang of Instagram and still didn’t realize how to use some of the features.

Only minutes after the first story was posted, J-Hope seemed to figure out how to use the repost function and reshared the image with the same caption.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

If ARMYs thought J-Hope was adorable after screenshotting the post to reshare it, they couldn’t get over the fact that he deleted it and reposted it using the function.

Many shared how they felt like a proud mother seeing him learn while using the application, while others couldn’t get over how much fun V and J-Hope seemed to be having.

No doubt, as the members post more and get used to the website, they’ll find it as easy as using Twitter or Weverse! You can read more about J-Hope’s Instagram journey below.

BTS’s J-Hope Is Determined To Figure Out How Instagram Stories Work And ARMYs Think His Struggle Is Too Cute

Source: uarmyhope and thv