IU Flusters The Heck Out Of BTS’s J-Hope With “Facts”

“This isn’t even a compliment…”

BTS‘s J-Hope and IU are everyone’s new favorite duo, thanks to IU’s Palette. 

IU (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right)

For this YouTube talk show, host IU invites fellow celebrities to chat about their work and duet with her.

Recently, J-Hope threw his first-ever listening party for his new solo album Jack In The Box. The party was a way for the rapper to network and showcase his solo work.

So one of my new challenges has been to host a Listening Party. The reason I decided to is to let people know what kind of musician I am and maybe hand around my name-card.

— J-Hope

IU joked about not being invited to the party, but she had nothing but good things to say about J-Hope.

Although IU and J-Hope have met briefly at events, such as award shows, they have never had a sit-down conversation until now. As such, IU did some research on the rapper. She asked people who know J-Hope, “What kind of person is J-Hope?” 

When I asked this question,” IU told him. “they all told me you were a kind person, and I thought, ‘How kind must he be?’ But now, just by talking to you briefly, I can feel it.” 

When IU complimented J-Hope’s modesty, he lit up like a Christmas tree!

Throughout the episode, IU’s praise brought out J-Hope’s introverted, shy side, but IU made one thing perfectly clear…

She’s just spitting facts!

You can watch the full episode here.