BTS’s J-Hope Showcases His Popularity After The Whole K-Pop Industry Seemingly Attends His “Jack In The Box” Listening Party

There were even glimpses of a physical album!

When it was announced that BTS‘s J-Hope was going to be releasing his solo album Jack In The Box, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement. Over the past few weeks, J-Hope has treated fans to concept images showcasing the diversity of the upcoming release.

BTS J-Hope’s concept photos | @uarmyhope/Instagram

He also sent the internet into meltdown with the music video for his track “MORE.”


Well, with less than 24 hours to wait until the songs are released, it seems like Korean celebrities have come together to celebrate the huge event by attending a listening party for J-Hope’s newest album.

Videos were posted by netizens who seemed to see that the top floor of the HYBE building was lit up.

On Instagram, Source Music creative director (and former BTS creative director) Kim Sung Hyun posted a picture of J-Hope on a stage with the caption “Congrats.” The room seemed to be filled with guests there for J-Hope and the name of the track “ARSON” on the backdrop.

From there, it seemed like every Korean celebrity was at the event. True to the album’s name, it seems as if J-Hope had a huge box installed for guests to take selfies.

Some of the first pictures came from certified ARMY Jessi, who attended the event with the likes of DAWN, HyunA, Heize, and many more.

J-Hope with Jessi, HyunA and Simon D | @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram

Of course, the BTS members also all seemed to be in attendance to support J-Hope.

BIBI and Tiger JK treated ARMYs to shots of leader RM and V, who rightly seemed to be enjoying the party and making sure to show their love for the first member to release a solo album.

Tiger JK, BIBI, and BTS’s RM | @drunkentigerjk/Instagram
BTS’s J-Hope with V, BIBI, Tiger JK and others | @drunkentigerjk/Instagram

Although the pictures are low quality, Jungkook proves to always be high quality as netizens found the group’s youngest member dancing along to the music and enjoying himself with member V.

Jimin was also there having the time of his life, taking pictures with the likes of Jessi and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo.

Jimin (left) and Jessi (right) | @jessicah_o/Instagram
BTS’s Jimin and ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo (far right)

The atmosphere definitely seemed to be hyped as everyone was mingling and enjoying themselves. It seemed like the perfect place for J-Hope to introduce everyone to his new music but also have some fun with the people closest to him.

It seems as if the pictures are neverending with idols, actors, and people that J-Hope is close with, all sharing their support for the idol ahead of the release of his album. It not only shows how talented J-Hope is but how loved he is by everyone because of his kind and caring personality.

J-Hope and Gyujeong Park | @groovypark/Instagram
J-Hope and Woo | @munchinthepool/Instagram
J-Hope with KID MILLI, DPR LIVE & DPR CREAM | @dprlive/Instagram

If that wasn’t enough, after sadness that J-Hope’s album wouldn’t be a physical release, artist pH-1 and others shared images of a gift they received from the idol. It seemed to be some sort of physical version of the album with special gifts for all those attending.

ARMYs rightly hoped that HYBE might eventually release it to the general public.

The gifts given to guests | @ph1boyyy/Instagram
| @ph1boyyy/Instagram
| @ph1boyyy/Instagram

With not long before ARMYs worldwide can listen to J-Hope’s album, it is always nice to see the entire K-Pop and music industry turning out to support the BTS member.