BTS’s J-Hope Becomes The 146th Member of South Korea’s “Green Noble Club”

What a meaningful way to celebrate a special day for J-Hope!

BTS‘s J-Hope celebrated his 25th birthday on February 18th with a huge act of kindness and it is now inspiring fans worldwide!

Through an organization called ChildFund Korea, which is an influential international charity organization dedicated to improving the welfare of children, J-Hope donated 100 million KRW (approximately $89K USD) to specifically fund the education for the low-income students attending his alma mater in Gwangju city. ChildFund Korea has announced that it will coordinate with the high school in selecting students to receive the scholarship, to make sure J-Hope’s wish comes true.

With this generous donation, J-Hope is carrying on his fans’ endeavors to give back to the community. In fact, on February 14th, a group of ARMYs under the name of “Favorite Idol J-Hope Community” donated $3,000 USD worth of rice to J-Hope’s hometown, also in celebration of the artist’s birthday.

J-Hope’s latest donation, on top of his previous 150 million KRW donation in December of 2018, has officially crowned him as the 146th member of ChildFund Korea’s “Green Noble Club for Children”, a donor society for those who donate over 100 million KRW. Another well-known K-Pop star donor is TVXQ‘s Changmin, who became the 116th member.

In appreciation, the head of ChildFund Korea Lee Jae Hoon stated, “We are deeply moved by the international superstar J-Hope’s decision to notice the children in need and give back to help them. We will carry on and continue to do everything in our power to support low income families and children.”

Source: Dispatch