BTS’s J-Hope Showed A New Side Of Him As A Pro Host At His “Jack In The Box” Listening Party

You couldn’t even tell he was nervous!

The new episode of Bangtan Bomb takes viewers back to BTS J-Hope‘s Jack In The Box listening party on July 13. The 11-minute episode shows exactly how much personal effort and thought J-Hope put into organizing the event.

Throughout the video, the rapper can be seen supervising different tasks. Before the event started, J-hope conducted a thorough sound check to ensure the ‘listening’ part of the listening party was seamless.

He changed positions throughout the venue to ensure the sound would be right for every guest from every angle.

Next, he sorted out his intro and rehearsed how he would greet the guests.

After a quick chat break with his BTS co-members, J-Hope was back in host mode as he walked into the venue with full confidence, despite the nervousness. He greeted and mingled with the attendees freely.

Before going on stage, he took a quick break to practice his hosting speech in a corner. If it isn’t diligent, it isn’t J-Hope!

Once on stage, he confidently introduced his album to the audience, and in the end, the room was full of cheers and applause.

Even though he had so much to handle at once, he made sure to click pictures with all the guests and his members.

He kept engaging with everyone at the party but let Jin be since J-Hope knew that he felt uncomfortable interacting with strangers. Sometimes, being a good host also means respecting people’s personal space.


Despite his nervousness at doing something so out of his comfort zone, that too in front of so many A-list celebs, J-Hope was a delightful host through and through. Whether on stage or off stage, trust the perfectionist of the group to smash every endeavor he decides to pursue!