Serah started her K-Pop journey with BTS. As a student of literature and music, she was immediately drawn to the group's immersive discography that combines all art forms. BTS led her to discover more Korean artists across different genres. Her current playlist is dominated by names like MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, Epik High, MFBTY, Urban Zakapa, TXT, Cherry Filter, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans. Serah also spent some years studying the language, history, and culture of South Korea. Now, as a writer, her ambition is to create thought-provoking, informative, and enjoyable pieces that can share the joy of Korean music and other art forms with the world.
LE SSERAFIM’s Official WikiTree Page Sparks Outrage
They feel it crossed a boundary.
YouTuber Being Sued By HYBE For Defaming NewJeans Posts “Apology” Before Disappearing
ADOR had sought help of a federal court for the lawsuit.
The Korean Singer Who Was So Rich She Earned More Than A Bank
She lost all the money later.
Korean Man Risks His Life To Stop An Attacker Assaulting A Woman He “Suspected” To Be A Feminist
He sustained serious injuries.
NewJeans Seeks Aid From US Federal Court To Reveal A YouTuber’s Identity
They are pursuing a difficult lawsuit.
Broadcast Writer Sentenced To Jail For Extorting Billions From A Famous Idol
He was charged with sexual abuse last year.
Anonymous SM Entertainment Employees Expose The Dire State Inside The Company
The company is allegedly losing workers in mass numbers.
K-Pop Superstar BoA Deletes Every Post Off Of Instagram
Netizens flocked to show her support.
K-Pop Ticket Scalpers Now Face Actual Prison Time
The government has brought a new act.
Salary Difference Between Top Korean And Japanese Actors Sparks Heated Debate
Netizens were not impressed by the trend.
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