BTS’s J-Hope Held A Spontaneous Live, So ARMYs Dropped Everything To Watch In The Most Random Locations

They have their priorities straight!

BTS‘s J-Hope held a spontaneous live broadcast after midnight on Sunday night. Since it was quite late, most Korean fans were likely sleeping (or sleepy at least). Knowing this, J-Hope encouraged those attempting to tune in to sleep even if he couldn’t. Earlier in the live broadcast, he confessed that he had taken a nap but was now awake for an early solo dance practice.


Due to time zone differences, he wondered if international ARMYs might be able to keep him company. He remembered that it was just a Sunday morning in Los Angles, California, and afternoon in New York City.


He was right, so it was more likely that those ARMYs would be able to tune in. However, many were obligated to previous commitments or engagements.

Even when on a trip with girlfriends, though, when J-Hope calls, you have to answer. Some friends shared images from their trip to Chicago, showing that they stopped, postponing their plans, to all watch J-Hope’s live broadcast.

Clearly, this is a very serious meeting.

Another ARMY confessed that they were going to church when J-Hope went live, so they did what any of us would do… She took him to church with her and shared a photo of them taking communion together.

Now, all we can think about are these memes: the everso iconic J-Pope with his “hobi water.”

| Andressa Vera/Quora
| Andressa Vera/Quora

Meanwhile, others were out running errands for the weekend. So, some had to take J-Hope shopping.

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Unfortunately, many of us were part of the “had no idea J-Hope went live until we woke up” gang.

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