BTS’s Jimin And Actor Jang Ki Yong Wore The Same Sweater But Served Totally Different Vibes

They both look amazing!

BTS‘s Jimin and actor Jang Ki Yong were both spotted rocking the same sweater recently!

BTS’s Jimin | Vogue Korea
Jang Ki Yong | @juanxkui/Instagram

Both of these stars wore a sweater designed by Isabel Marant, a French designer. The sweater is called the DRUSSELH sweater, and it costs $580 USD.

| Isabel Marant

Jimin wore the sweater in the official teaser for BTS’s 7Fates: CHAKHO webtoon. This urban fantasy webtoon features the BTS members as fictional characters. Jimin’s character is named Haru.


Jimin served mysterious and angsty vibes in the Isabel Marant sweater. The 7Fates: CHAKHO webtoon is full of mystery and intriguing twists and turns. Jimin definitely fit the vibe of the webtoon in the teaser!

| @webtoonofficial/Twitter

He was even dressed a bit like his character, Haru!

Jang Ki Yong wore the same sweater in episode 15 of the K-Drama, Now, We Are Breaking Up. As its name suggests, this series told the story of love and breakups. Jang Ki Yong played Yoon Jae Gook, a freelance photographer, who falls for Ha Yeong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), the head of the design department of a trendy fashion company.

Now, We Are Breaking Up poster | Wikipedia

Jang Ki Yong wore the sweater in a scene in which Ha Yeong Eun was helping Yoon Jae Gook to pack.

| Viki 

While they were packing, Ha Yeong Eun noticed photos that Yoon Jae Gook took of her during their first photoshoot together.

Jang Ki Yong served adorable boyfriend vibes during this sweet moment. The Isabel Marant sweater was perfect for a freelance fashion photographer, and it was simultaneously a great choice for a chill day at home.

| Viki

Although they served different vibes, both Jimin and Jang Ki Yong looked amazing in their Isabel Marant sweaters!