BTS’s Jimin Reveals He Got A New Addition To His Moon Tattoo — All Because V Showed Him Fanart From An ARMY

It shows how much BTS values ARMYs!

Although tattoos are sometimes seen as taboo in Korean society, the members of BTS are some of many idols choosing to change with their own artwork. In particular, one member that has never been afraid to showcase artwork is BTS’s Jimin.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

Over the years, he has wowed netizens with the amazing artwork he has. Each tattoo has an important meaning to the idol and netizens are always waiting for the next tattoo reveal that Jimin might share with them.

Earlier in the year, netizens saw the newest addition to Jimin’s collection.

On March 10, BTS played their first in-person concert in Korea at Olympic Stadium in Seoul since the pandemic started. Towards the end of the show, the members came back out for the encore dressed in black long-sleeved tops. When Jimin turned around, fans noticed two new tattoos, including one on the base of his neck which was a beautiful and dainty crescent moon…

Jimin’s tattoo was first seen in March | @JiminGlobal/Twitter

Later in the year at the airport, fans got an even closer look at the beautiful tattoo and there seemed to be more than just one.

Well, it seems like there might be more to the moon tattoo than first expected.

On September 18, Jimin surprised netizens with a live broadcast on Weverse, where he updated fans on things like his upcoming music, Instagram, and much more.

| Weverse

During the broadcast, Jimin was hesitant to reveal the story of the tattoo but chose to share the touching anecdote.

He revealed that, at first, it was only one moon on the base of his neck. However, it seems like the preview pictures from the airport rightly proved that there was more than one… and it’s all because of BTS’s V and an ARMY.

Jimin explained that at first, he only had one moon tattoo on the base of his neck but, V showed him some artwork done by a fan.

| Weverse

Jimin then showed what V had sent him to those watching and it was a beautiful picture done by an ARMY that showed Jimin with moons down his spine. Jimin then explained that he thought it was so beautiful that he decided to add the designs to his current design.

| Weverse 

Although he tried to show his tattoo to ARMYs, Jimin explained how hard it would be because of what he was wearing. He then teased viewers saying to keep an eye out for any opportunities to see the full tattoo at some point.

| Weverse 

Of course, netizens rushed to find the original artwork and it was first shared back in March by Twitter user @ArizzoStudios. Seeing the image close-up truly showcases the beauty and talent of the artist, and it isn’t surprising that Jimin was so inspired by the piece to incorporate it into his own tattoo.

After the broadcast ended, netizens couldn’t get enough of what Jimin had told fans. For many, it proved just how influential fan art can be and how much the members appreciate everything ARMYs do for them.

ARMYs will now be anticipating the day they get to see the full tattoo and, if it’s anything like the original artwork, it will definitely be worth the wait.

You can read more about the tattoo below.

Source: Weverse