BTS’s Jimin Didn’t Have Any Desire To Join BTS As A Trainee — Until Suga Changed His Mind

BTS is 7, and ARMYs couldn’t imagine a group without Jimin!

It seems impossible to imagine BTS as anyone other than RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

The members of BTS filming “Yet To Come” | BIGHIT MUSIC

Since debuting, they have always shined as seven members, and even if one is missing for a single performance, something seems wrong. ARMYs can notice the gap left by the member missing.

Well, it seems like BTS could’ve been a very different group, as BTS’s Jimin recently revealed that he almost didn’t want to join the group.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

Of course, along with being an amazing dancer, Jimin has one of the most recognizable voices with a unique tone.

BTS’s Jimin is a main dancer in BTS | M2/YouTube
Yet, he also shines as a main vocalist | KBS KPop/YouTube   

Well, it seems like it was all because of Suga that he made the decision in the end to join BTS.

After a long wait and huge anticipation, Jimin was the latest guest on Suga’s show Suchwita. As expected, from the beginning, the two idols had a very different vibe than the other guests. They were much more comfortable, and it felt like watching the two besties just chilling and relaxing.

During the video, amidst talking about Jimin’s training and practice, the idol revealed that when he first joined the company, he didn’t want to be on the BTS trainee team.

Yet, it seems like BTS, as seven members in the current lineup, is all down to Suga, as Jimin added, “But it was because of you…”

Jimin revealed an anecdote from the form when it was late and the members were all in their beds. He explained that everyone was awake because they couldn’t sleep, which Jimin joked was because leader RM was snoring.

Both Suga and Jimin shared a bunk bed at the time. Jimin then revealed that, on that night, Suga looked down and said to him, “You’re a good singer, so I really want you to be on our team.” It was that moment that sparked Jimin’s ambition.

Suga then explained that because he’d been writing since he was younger, he knew the potential of Jimin’s voice after hearing what it could sound like on songs. In particular, it was something very different from the rest of the members.

Although it was touching that Suga saw Jimin’s potential, the rapper also joked that he was slightly worried.

Suga explained that Jimin was taking rap lessons and went to the company very confused, not because of losing his position but because of his passionate view that Jimin was meant to sing.

Luckily, even through Jimin’s doubt, he trusted Suga, and BTS was able to debut as seven members. Although Jimin would undoubtedly have shined in any role, Suga knew his potential and allowed his unique tone to become one of the most recognized and loved voices in K-Pop.