BTS Fans Slam Journalists For Invading Jimin’s Privacy, Claim Mail Was Stolen

“HYBE and Jimin should sue.”

A report from Korean media outlet BizHankook is receiving backlash from BTS fans around the world.


Recently, it was reported that Jimin had not paid the health insurance premiums on his luxury apartment at Nine One Hannam. As a result, Jimin’s apartment had reportedly faced seizure.

BTS’s agency, HYBE, has since responded with an official statement. While BTS was overseas, the agency oversaw Jimin’s mail. Due to an oversight on HYBE’s part, Jimin was unaware that his premiums were overdue. Jimin has since paid the arrears in full.

Regarding the case, the company receives all mails sent to the artists’ dorms. In the process of passing them to the artist, a portion of the mail was delayed due to a mistake. Jimin has been carrying out his schedules overseas and had a long-term break since the end of last year and continued with overseas schedules after, so he was unaware of the fact [that his premium had been] overdue. After he found out, he immediately paid the arrears in full and the case has been closed.

We apologize for having worried the fans and the artist due to our company’s error.


HYBE apologized to both Jimin and his fans, but ARMY’s say those who broke the news should be held responsible. Fans allege that the notices for Jimin’s overdue payments were stolen from his mailbox.

Some also claim that the timing of the original article was not coincidental. They believe the news was purposely published to overshadow and sabotage the release of “With You,” Jimin and Ha Sung Woon‘s OST for Our Blues. 

ARMYs are now calling for HYBE to take action to protect BTS’s privacy and investigate the matter further.