ARMYs Are Not Just Fans To BTS’s Jimin—They’re Friends

Jimin really is bestie!

BTS‘s fandom ARMY means so much more to the members than just that.

BTS concert

Some idols may claim they love their fans, but BTS sincerely do. Heck, even Jungkook has “ARMY” tattooed on his hand!


So, it should be no surprise that Jimin revealed that he considers ARMYs more than just fans.

In an exclusive interview with Vogue Korea, Jimin shared about his relationship with ARMYs. He described it as a friendship spanning ten years.

I’ve been friends with these fans for a full decade now — not a short span of time by any measure.

— Jimin


Since Jimin and ARMYs have been friends for so long, he thinks they are able to be empathetic with one another truly. They genuinely care for each other.

Perhaps it’ll take more time before we can understand each other completely, but we’ve been together long enough to understand and support one another’s thoughts, feelings and needs. The more time I’ve spent cultivating these relationships, the more important I feel the members of ARMY have become to me.

— Jimin

BTS and ARMY are true soulmates!

Source: Vogue Korea