BTS’s Jimin Has The Perfect Plan On How To Spend Time With ARMY But There’s One Condition He Has

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For most K-Pop fans, their biggest dream is to spend time with their favorite idols. Of course, that probably won’t happen for most people, but it won’t stop people from imagining it. Luckily, one idol who has shared what he’d do if he had the chance to spend time with fans is none other than BTS‘s Jimin.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

The members of BTS have recently been sharing pieces of TMI about everything from their ideal way to spend their free time, the members’ roles if they had a hideout, and much more.

One of the questions Jimin was asked was what he would like to do if he could spend a weekend with ARMYs. Of course, there are many options, from traveling to cute hotspots with him…

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Going to a cafe and enjoying each other’s company…

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Or just relaxing in the garden and taking things easy.

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Well, it seems as if Jimin has a better idea. In his answer, the idol had two options, and they both seemed as appealing as each other. The first one was something ARMY could only dream about, and it was having a concert. Considering how hard it is to get BTS tickets, it would be ideal.

I want to have a concert. I would like to meet ARMY at a place where we can perform.

— Jimin

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The idea of watching Jimin on stage is definitely something all ARMY would love.

| @j.m/Instagram
| @j.m/Instagram

Yet, it was the next point that had fans LOL’ing. For his second choice, Jimin chose something a lot calmer and it was something straight out of the movies as he explained that he wanted to go for a drive with ARMY.

However, there was a catch. When asked if Jimin would be doing the driving, it seems as if the idol had different ideas.

No. ARMY has to drive (laughs). I am still a beginner driver, so I’ll be riding shotgun, and talking up a storm.

— Jimin

So it seems like if ARMY wants to do all the things Jimin wants to do, they probably have to have a driving license and more experience behind the wheel than the idol. Yet, with Jimin’s charming personality and charisma, there is no doubt that he will be even more fun to chill out with if he’s not concentrating on driving.

The idea of spending time with Jimin is definitely something ARMY would jump at the opportunity to do. It’s cute that Jimin wants to do things with ARMY that he loves and showcase all the best parts of himself.

Source: @btsbaragi_jk/Twitter