BTS’s Jimin Attended Alec Benjamin’s Concert And Their Interactions Will Make You Soft For Days

Seriously, so soft!

BTS‘s Jimin was invited to Alec Benjamin‘s concert and not only did he attend the concert during his vacation, but there were also many amazing moments between Jimin and Alec that have been making everyone soft.


Not too long ago, Jimin updated his Spotify playlist to include some more of his favorite songs and among those added were five songs by Alec Benjamin!


At the time, Alec saw the additions and reacted immediately by giving a shoutout to Jimin on his Twitter account!


But things got even more exciting! Alec was gearing up for a show in Seoul on August 18 and sent out an invitation to Jimin via Twitter. ARMY were definitely ready for it to happen and responded with a whole lot of love for Jimin and Alec!


Fast-forward to August 18 and fans got a big surprise! Jimin had accepted the invitation! Many fans spotted Jimin among the crowd at Alec’s performance and he certainly seemed to be having a great time.


Bonus, Jimin made everyone melt with his adorable interactions with Eric Nam too!


Jimin’s concert vacation plans, however, weren’t the only reason why fans are seriously loving the whole experience. First, there was the fact that during the concert, Alec did a mini-performance of BTS’s hit song, “Fake Love”.


Then there were the adorable interactions that came after! After the concert, Jimin posted a photo of himself with Alec on BTS’s official Twitter account and sent Alec a whole lot of love.


Alec, meanwhile, also took to Twitter to share another photo of them together, thanked Jimin for coming to the show, and sent him some love right back! He also posted the picture and his “Fake Love” cover on his Instagram.


And to make things even sweeter, Alec even retweeted Jimin’s original tweet and commented, “You’re the best.”


How sweet!