Jimin’s Chinese Fanclub Is Planning A Huge Birthday Extravaganza

“Jimin China Bar” is planning a jaw-dropping celebration in honor of Jimin’s birth.

This October, a massive celebration will take over China, and it’s all for BTS‘s Jimin.


Recently, Jimin Bar China (@JIMINBAR_CHINA), Jimin’s Chinese fanclub, dropped a teaser for their 2019 Jimin birthday project.


This video shows an aerial view of 11 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and Chengdu. Judging by the number of cities involved and the teaser’s high-budget quality, the project promises to be a large scale one.


Jimin Bar China has celebrated Jimin’s past birthdays with a number of large-scale projects. One was renting out the Ziggo Dome’s outer wall for his birthday video. The Ziggo Dome is a 17,000 capacity indoor arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


So far, details about the project are still unknown, aside from the date. Jimin Bar China will launch their 2019 birthday project two days after BTS’s Saudi Arabia concert, on October 13 (Jimin’s birthday).


Check out the teaser here: