The Expensive Sunglasses Jimin Wore To The BBMAs Have Sold Out

From Korea to Afghanistan, these glasses are out of stock.

If you’re hoping to buy the sunglasses that BTS‘s Jimin wore at the Billboard Music Awards, well…good luck to you.


When it comes to product endorsements, BTS‘s have a Midas touch that’s too powerful for the retail world to handle. They have caused major buying crazes for everything from Downy laundry detergent to Hyundai Palisades.


On May 1, Jimin wore a striking pair of pink, Gentle Monster “WOOGIE 02(P)” sunglasses to complete his BBMAs stage outfit for “Boy With Luv”.


Soon after, ARMYs flocked to online stores to purchase their own pair for the small price of…$280 USD!


By the day after the BBMAs, these expensive specs had sold out in multiple countries, including Korea, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Afghanistan. They have also now sold out in the US, and sales in other countries continue to climb!


The glasses are still available in other colors in most regions, but if you want Jimin’s pink ones you may have to wait until they are back in stock!